Blog How To Deliver Habit Coaching To Your Clients With TrainerFu?

How To Deliver Habit Coaching To Your Clients With TrainerFu?

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How To Deliver Habit Coaching To Your Clients With TrainerFu?

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how you can use TrainerFu to cultivate healthy habits in your clients.

Specifically, we are going to look at the following aspects:

  • How to track your client’s daily habits?
  • How to schedule timely reminders to be sent to your clients?    
  • How to consistently educate your clients about the merits of following the routine, so that they can build “sticky” habits?
  • And, finally, how to scale habit coaching to 100’s of clients, without burning yourself out?

Let’s get started.

Tracking client’s daily habits

To start tracking habits, simply navigate to groups, and create a new group called “Habit Coaching”.  

Check the scheduled message option as “Yes”, since we would like to schedule timely messages for tracking client behaviour. Tap on “Add Group” to create the group.

Habit Coaching

Once the group has been created, it’s time to schedule a recurring check-in message to be sent out to every member of this group. The configured check-in message should simply ask a question to which the client can respond Yes/No.

Habit Coaching

Next, you can set the schedule for the message. For example, let’s schedule the message to be sent out every morning for the next 8-weeks.

Habit Coaching

Next, make sure that you mark the message as a check in message, since we want clients to answer yes or no every morning.

Habit Coaching

Click on “Schedule” to configure the auto-responder.

In the final step, you just need to add clients to the group, so that they can start receiving the check-in message that we just set up.

To add clients to the group, navigate to “Groups”, and then click on “Habit Coaching>Members”.  

Here you will be able to add members to the group by clicking on the “Add Members” button at the top.

Habit Coaching

When a client is added to this group, they will start receiving a check-in message at the time that we set in the scheduled message (which is 9 AM morning) in their TrainerFu chat.

Habit Coaching

Your clients simply need to select Yes or No, and TrainerFu will track their habits. All updated check-ins are posted on the news feed for you to review.

Habit Coaching

To see a summary of all the check-ins by a client, you can go to the Assessmentsection from the Clientstab and then select Check-ins.

Habit Coaching

Here, you will be able to see their progress by selecting the time period.

Habit Coaching

Scheduling timely routine reminders

Next, we will look at how you can send your clients a timely reminder, so that they can go to bed at the right time.

To do this, head over to our Habit Coaching group, and add another scheduled message.

Habit Coaching

Set it to be sent at 8:00 PM, at least a few days a week.

Habit Coaching

When configuring habit reminders, you can set the check-in message option as “No”, as we don’t want clients to respond to this message.

Click on “Schedule” to set up the reminder message, and it will be automatically sent to your clients at the pre-configured time.  

Building “sticky” habits

To make a new habit really sticky, you also need to educate clients on why the new routine is important, and how it brings them closer to their fitness goals.

Habit Coaching

For instance, to cultivate a long-term sleeping habit in your clients, you might want to educate them on the advantages of sticking to a consistent sleep schedule. Perhaps, you might want to tell them how important it is to regulate their meal timings, just before they go to sleep.

You might have many insights like these, but you can’t give all the information at once to your clients, else they would feel overwhelmed.

Ideally, you would want to break down this information and deliver it to your clients in small chunks.

Habit Coaching

A good way to structure the flow of messages is to write down all the information as one-to-one advice to clients, and then create a pipeline of messages using Scheduled Messaging for Groups.

You can follow the same steps that we followed for scheduling habit reminders.

Scaling habit coaching  

To scale habit coaching, you simply need to keep adding clients to the habit coaching group.

As soon as you add a client to the group, all the configured check-ins, reminders, and educational material get auto-scheduled for them.

To see the progress of everyone in the group, simply head over to the Leaderboard section of the group and then go to check-in.

Habit Coaching

This is a great place to get a bird’s eye view of how all the clients are doing.  You can change the duration or quickly view insights for a different group by simply selecting the right group from the dropdown.

All the values are automatically updated in the leaderboard section for a quick and efficient client progress review.


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