How it all started?

It all started one fine afternoon when I bumped into my Personal Trainer at Red Rock coffee in Mountain View. Over coffee he told me how frustrated he was running his Personal Training business.

He was annoyed that he had to juggle many software products to accomplish his day to day tasks. He couldn't keep his clients motivated and engaged between sessions and had no visibility about their daily activities. He was surprised that even though there are so many consumer facing fitness apps, none exist for Personal Trainers that provided true mobile experience.

I was sad with the state of technology for Personal Trainers but at the same time geek inside me got really excited to solve this problem. That is when TrainerFu was born :-)

I set out to build TrainerFu with three main objectives:

  • Make it very easy for Personal Trainers to manage their clients.
  • Keep clients motivated and engaged between sessions.
  • Provide true mobile experience as training is not done in front of computer.

Who is behind TrainerFu?

Founder - Manobal Jain

Manobal is a self-proclaimed geek. He is a Developer, Designer and a lovable Dad. When he is not glued to his laptop, he likes to ride bike, play cricket, read non-fiction books, and stroll aimlessly. Manobal has a Master's degree in Computer Science and has been building software since High School.

Get in touch with him on twitter.

Manobal Jain