How to Get People to Comment on Your Personal Trainer Blog

Without blog comments your personal trainer blog is a magazine at best. At worst, it’s just you, sort of shouting your message to the world.

That’s not to say a blog with no comments doesn’t still offer many benefits. You’re still capturing all those keywords, for example, and you’re still building trust.

But a blog that has some engagement is pure solid gold. That’s where the real relationships get built. That’s where the trust starts happening.

When you are just getting started you might find engagement easier said than done. Many bloggers spend a lot of time looking at “zero comments” before they get any engagement. And many have to deal with a slew of spam comments, which does not, sadly, make the blog look popular. It just makes the blog look poorly managed.

So here are some tips for making your blog comment friendly.

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4 Quick Tips to Create a Great Landing Page for Your Personal Training Website

Last week I spent a little bit of time talking to you about how a landing page can help you market your business. As promised, this week I’m going to spend a little bit of time talking to you about what you can do to make your landing page as excellent as possible so that it will serve as an effective gateway to the “meat” of your website.

There are 4 items that you’ll need to pay attention to.

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Is Pay Per Click a Good Investment for Your Personal Training Business?

When you are just getting started with marketing your personal trainer business online it can be a bit tough. For the first couple of months it might feel like absolutely nothing is happening.

You’ve put up this beautiful website, but nobody seems to be visiting it, even though you’re putting up really good content. Your social accounts are up, but you only have a handful of followers. You’ve started putting up your local listings, but you’re waiting forever and a day for Google to send the verification postcard.

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4 Quick Ways to Find Local Clients on Twitter

Over the past several articles we’ve talked about going local on Facebook and going local on Google+. Twitter is the third social network that most personal trainers should be using to market their business.

Twitter is also one of the hardest social networks to keep local. In fact, it’s safe to say that you will never keep your Twitter reach 100% local, because that’s simply not how Twitter is built.

However, you can make sure that 90% of your presence on Twitter is aimed in the right direction by following just a few simple best practices.

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How to Find Local Clients on Facebook

As we’ve been discussing here on this blog, marketing your personal training business is all about capturing local internet traffic. This is just as true on social media outlets as it is on your blog and local pages.

Last week I spent a bit of time going over Google+, since that is going to be the most important social media outlet for getting you ranked on the search engines.

But I also wanted to take a few minutes to discuss how you can optimize your Facebook to get local “likes” as well.

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