How to Stop Your Good Reviews from Disappearing

So you’ve been diligently gathering up reviews as part of the marketing plan that’s propelling your personal training business to the top of Google’s search results.

However, a customer has just called you, because he left you a review on Google Local and he can’t see it anymore. What’s just happened?

There’s a good chance his review has been eaten by a review filter. In short, Google thinks it’s spam!

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How to Market Your Personal Training Business to Your Entire Service Area.

Last week I talked about claiming your local listings so that you can market your personal trainer business to people who are close enough to use it. However, my advice only allowed you to target a single city: the city where you maintain your legal business address.

If your clients come to you or if you only work in a single city, this blog post is not for you.

But what if you are an in-home personal trainer in a large metro area? Chances are you travel into suburb cities and townships that are close to your home city. You will want to capture some of that business as well.

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