Blog How To Set Up An Online (In-App) Course in TrainerFu?

How To Set Up An Online (In-App) Course in TrainerFu?

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How To Set Up An Online (In-App) Course in TrainerFu?

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can set up an in-app educational course for your clients, which will run automatically, and deliver them information nuggets in a consistent & timely manner.

Online Course

Setup time: 5-10 minutes

Now, to get started with setting up an in-app educational course, the first step is to figure out the topic on which you want to educate your clients.

Step 1: Create a course outline

To create a course outline, break-down the entire course outline into bite-size content pieces, which can ideally be consumed by your clients in under 7-10 minutes.

Online Course

Once you are done creating your course content, the next step is to set it up in TrainerFu.

Step 2: Schedule the course content

To schedule the course content, you first need to create a training group. To do that, head over to the Groups sections and create a new group. Give this group a meaningful name.

While creating the group, make sure that you select “Yes” in the prompt below:

![Online Course](

Once a group has been created, head over to the group’s messaging centre.

Online Course

Click on the “Schedule Group Message” button.

Online Course

Add a scheduled message for every piece of content that we created in the previous step.

Online Course

Schedule the content pieces such that there’s at least one day gap between the two messages. That way your clients would have sufficient time to digest every piece of information.

Click on save when you’re done, and that’s it. Your course is now set up on TrainerFu.

Step 3: Add clients to the group

Now to deliver this course to a client, you simply need to add them to this group by navigating to Members sections inside the group.

Online Course

Select the client(s) that you want to add to the group, and click on the “Add Members” button.  This will successfully add them to this group.  

Online Course

Once you have added your client as group members, the content will be delivered to them automatically in their Trainerfu chat, as per the set schedule.

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