Plan Client Workouts FAST

Trainerfu makes it easy to build, update, and review workout plans for your clients. Its unique design allows you to build the entire plan from a single page, which means it works 3x faster than its competitors.

Plan Client Workouts FAST Plan Client Workouts FAST
  • Huge Exercise Database

    Choose from over 1000+ exercise videos and create highly interactive workout plans for your clients. Ensure proper form and safety of your clients when performing any movements.

  • Schedule Workouts in Advance

    Say goodbye to writing workout programs every week. Save time by scheduling workouts for your clients weeks or months in advance.

  • Email or Print Workouts

    For clients who aren’t tech-savvy, you can simply print or email them their workout from your Trainerfu app.

  • Create Custom Exercises

    It’s easy to create your own custom exercises and link to YouTube videos from inside the App.

  • Reusable Templates

    Create a template once and use it to build workout plans for dozens or hundreds of clients quickly.

Simple Tracking,
Advanced Reporting

Track workouts, assessments, meals, habits and more to help your clients reach their goals.

  • Custom Metrics

    Trainerfu comes with built-in standard assessments like Weight, Body Fat %, and more, but in case you don’t find the metric you are looking for, you can always create your own.

  • Meal Logging

    Keep tabs on all your clients' meals inside the Trainerfu app. Every meal log contains details like total calories consumed, macronutrient breakdown, and individual food items.

  • Progress Photos

    When your client can actually SEE the results of their hard work, it’s going to keep them coming back. Help them visualize their journey with progress photos.

  • Progress Tracking

    Keep your clients accountable and get in-depth details about their performance with the ability to track workouts and assessments.

Advanced Analytics

Most personal training software stops at basic tracking, but Trainerfu goes a step further. Trainerfu will further analyze all logged statistics and find valuable insights that will help you motivate and support your clients.

  • Celebrate a new Personal Best
  • Complete their 100th workout (milestones)
  • Reaching a custom goal
  • Report on 30-day, 60-day, 90-day changes to metrics
Create & Sell Exercise Programs
Train Your Clients Online

Train Your Clients Online

Trainerfu makes it easy to deliver an in-person experience to clients who train remotely at home or at the gym.

  • Deliver More Than Workouts

    Differentiate your business by offering total health lifestyle solutions. Trainerfu makes it easy to add nutrition coaching, recipe guides, meal plans, and habit training to your fitness program.

  • Total Client Engagement

    Trainerfu notifies you of your clients’ activities as they happen. Send them a message as they finish up a workout to motivate, support, and hold them accountable.

  • Build Community with News Feed

    Trainerfu comes with a Facebook-like newsfeed where your clients can share their victories and support each other in their fitness journey.

  • Live Chat

    Interact with your clients in real-time through in-app messaging. Share photos, videos, and inspiration to keep them working towards their goals.

Effortless Automation

Spend more time training your clients and less time on everything else. Trainerfu has all the tools you need to automate the mundane and repetitive tasks.

  • Automated Workflows

    Automatically send a welcome message 30-min after a client starts using the app.

    Automatically ask clients to complete forms like PAR-Q, waivers, and onboarding questionnaires before they start your program.

    Automatically deliver content like nutrition tips, meal plan, and recipe guides to keep your clients engaged during their program.

    Even More Automations w/ Zapier

    Automatically add clients to your email list when they sign up for your program.

    Automatically deactivate your client’s account if payment is declined.

    Trainerfu support staff is here to assist with any technical questions you may have!

  • Automated Workflows
  • Run Your Business From Anywhere

    If your personal training software keeps you chained to your desk, you’re missing out on a world of freedom. Trainerfu is designed to help you break free and operate from wherever you are.

    Work From PC, Tablet, or Smartphone

    Most other personal training business apps work great on a desktop computer, but have limited functionality on mobile devices.

    Trainerfu is the only personal trainer software that gives you full access to all its features on any device, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere.

    Designed specifically for Desktop, Android, and Apple devices.

  • Run Your Business From Anywhere
Sell Your Fitness Programs Online

Sell Your Fitness
Programs Online

Want to see more people register for your fitness programs? Trainerfu makes the process simple and streamlined which means more sign ups, more often.

  • Registration Page

    Every fitness program you create in Trainerfu gets its own registration page. Your prospects simply need to enter their information and payment details to get started.

    Once they sign up, their client account will be automatically created, payment accepted, and they can start right away.

  • Promote Your Products

    Easily share your registration link anywhere. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Email, Text Message, or your Website. Your prospects simply need to click the link to start the sign up process.

  • Automatic Delivery

    Automate everything and free up your time. After a client signs up, you can set automatic messaging, delivery of workouts, files, and paperwork.

  • Payment Processing

    Create a flexible payment plan that works for your business needs including one-time payment, subscriptions, and free trials.

Your Own Custom Branded App

Having your own app is a powerful way to add value to your brand, but it’s just too time consuming. That’s why, we handle everything for you - from app creation to publishing.

Your Own Custom Branded App Your Own Custom Branded App
  • Published-For-You
    to Apple and Android Stores

    This is more than simply creating a custom icon. This is your own iOS and Android app for your business that can be directly downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play store - all for less than you think.

  • Done For You

    Let our expert team take care of the entire app development process. From design and development to app store approval.

  • Designed to elevate your brand

    Turn Trainerfu into your own branded app. Use your logo, colors, and even personalize the training experience for your clients.

Habit Coaching

  • Reminders

    Clients who receive regular reminders are more likely to stay on track and act consistently. Trainerfu makes it easy for you to help your clients reach their health and fitness goals.

  • Automatic Check Ins

    Touch base without ever lifting a finger. Trainerfu will automatically send check-in messages to track your clients habits and keep them accountable.

  • See The Whole Picture with Reports

    Get a birds-eye view of all your clients’ habits. Quickly spot clients who might need a little encouragement or a change in direction.

Nutrition Coaching

  • MyFitnessPal Connected

    Clients can easily link their MyFitnessPal account with Trainerfu, giving you instant access to their meal logs and nutritional insights.

  • Instant Engagement

    Provide real-time feedback to your client’s meals. Praise them for making a healthy choice and offer suggestions for improvement.

  • Fast Photo Journaling

    Track food intake with just a couple clicks. Trainerfu lets your busy clients quickly upload meal photos - no more excuses!

  • Meal Plans and Recipe Guides

    Automatically schedule delivery of content like recipe guides and meal plans to your client right to their Trainerfu app.

Building Teams
Group Training and Challenges

Group Training and Challenges

  • Group News Feed

    Clients can easily link their MyFitnessPal account with Trainerfu, giving you instant access to their meal logs and nutritional insights.

  • Run Group Challenges

    Add additional revenue streams for your fitness business by offering online group training, bootcamps, and fitness challenges.

  • Group Training Plan

    Save time by assigning a workout plan to an entire group or customer segment with just a few clicks.

  • Group Messaging

    No more sending messages one-at-a-time. Share fitness articles, announcements, or promotions to multiple clients at once.

Building Teams

  • Add Multiple Trainers

    Does your business have multiple trainers? Use the admin interface to add trainers, manage access, and adjust advanced settings.

  • Shared Exercise Library

    Make it easy on yourself and your team by creating a library of custom exercise videos and templates that can be shared by everyone.

Building Teams