Blog Assessments, Custom Assessments & Goal Tracking With TrainerFu

Assessments, Custom Assessments & Goal Tracking With TrainerFu

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Assessment, Custom Assessment & Goal Tracking With TrainerFu

How to keep a tab on your client’s progress and visualise their fitness transformation using assessments & goal tracking features in TrainerFu?

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • How to track weight, body fat % and other built-in assessments for your clients.
  • How to add your own custom assessment to track any metrics.
  • How to set and track SMART Goals
  • And finally how to keep on top of things when your clients track their progress.

For this demo, we will be using the Trainerfu web app. But you can do everything shown here from TrainerFu’s iPhone, iPad, or Android app.

Tracking built-in assessments

To start tracking goals and progress, simply go to the client’s assessment view.

Assessment and Goal Tracking

And then select the assessment, which you want to track.

Assessment and Goal Tracking

 Let’s say we select “Body Fat %”.

Assessment and Goal Tracking

Here you can add new assessment data for the client by simply tapping on the button “Add Body Fat %”. Enter the body fat % value, along with the date, and click on “Add” to log the assessment value.

Assessment and Goal Tracking

Once added, the logged values will be visible in the table below, along with previously recorded assessments:

Assessment and Goal Tracking

Tracking assessment progress

As your clients update their measurements on a regular basis, their progress is automatically logged, and you can track their overall fitness journey on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Assessment and Goal Tracking

Simply click on the interactive chart for the corresponding assessment to view the visual progress of your client in the set time window.

Setting a goal

To keep your clients motivated along the transformation journey and visualise their progress, you can set a goal for them.

Assessment and Goal Tracking

For example, if you want your client to achieve 12% body fat, simply click on “Set Goal”, and set the goal as 12, along with the target date.

Adding custom assessments

To help you and your clients get started quickly with measurements, TrainerFu comes with built-in assessments, like, body weight, fat percentage, body-site and girth measurements, which your and your clients can start logging & tracking, as soon as they sign up.

Assessment and Goal Tracking

However, in case you want to add a custom assessment, which is unique to your form of training, you can always create your own custom assessment.

To create a custom assessment, click on “Create custom assessment”, and give your custom assessment the name that you wish.

Assessment and Goal Tracking

Once created, custom assessments work exactly like built-in assessments.

Assessment and Goal Tracking

You and your clients can start logging in the information for the custom assessments the same way they did for built-in assessments.

Tracking progress on news-feed

As your clients keep tracking their progress, all logged assessments get auto-posted on your news feed, allowing you to quickly view the at-a-glance progress of all your clients:

Assessment and Goal Tracking

You can like or comment on the news-feed to keep your clients motivated, and offer them support, in case progress is not that easy to come by.

Have more questions on setting up assessment or goal tracking?

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