Help Your Clients Create Healthy Habits that Last.

Habit coaching can help you level up your personal training and provide more value to clients. Deliver it easily with an app built for 360 degree fitness.

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Our Customers Rate Us Highly

Great app
Google Play rating 4.6 by BoySleezyE

As a trainer I really like having this app to keep up with and be in control of what my clients are doing when they are not with me. Also liking that they can post progress pics or messages to help motivate each other through a fitness community chat board. The other great thing are the demo videos, creating your own exercises, and choosing videos to demonstrate the exercise.

Best app for working with clients by far
Google Play rating 4.6 by MiniJazMarie

This app is making it soooooooo much easier to communicate and assist my clients!!!! It's fantastic!

Awesome for clients and for trainers!
Google Play rating 4.6 by jlgraham

Love that my clients can track their workouts and I can see- they love that they can check off each workout. I love being able to have plans and templates easy to access and add to new clients "plans"!

Great interface. Amazing customer service.
Google Play rating 4.6 by Kconn002

This app is user-friendly and facilitates ongoing contact with clients, and helps with their accountability and adherence to a plan. The customer service at Trainerfu is also amazing - very responsive.

Trainerfu review
Google Play rating 4.6 by Cassycguidinger

I love using this app as a personal trainer! The short videos, easy navigation and client to trainer messaging makes This app great to keep clients accountable.

Tristan Gibson
Google Play rating 4.6

Love it i have been using trainerfu for two days with my first client and can't fault it best app for everything I need to help keep my client up-to-date with new exercises and the correct way to do it and it always helps me with how they are going with their routine and change it to suit them 5 stars well done

Great app
Google Play rating 4.6 by BlueGreen22

Does everything it promises. Starting up a new business with clients local and remote? This is the app for you. Love it.

Steve Bailey
Google Play rating 4.6

Easy to use, easy to understand.

Every Trainer Needs this!
Google Play rating 4.6 by Supertimer

I love the app. It's a great way to create a sense of community within your client group. Also, makes my life so much easier typing out workouts! More than worth the $.

Very helpful. Saves a lot of time.
Google Play rating 4.6 by Dannnnnnnyyyyy23243 –

My clients love the way I communicate with them on the app how I'm able to customize the workouts and track everything for them.

Marc Robins
Google Play rating 4.6

I have been using TrainerFU for 12 months now. It is a great way to stay connected and create a community with my PT clients. Always new updates coming, and feedback is always wanted to help design and make the app run smoother and efficient for my business.

Jessica Holtcamp
Google Play rating 4.6

So easy to use. Love that the workouts are right there and can access video if need be. also like that I can access my coach 24/7 as well as update my stats! Very convenient!!

Habit coaching is made easy with the Trainerfu app.

Bringing real results to your clients is about more than just delivering workouts. Help them make positive, long-lasting changes with habit coaching.


Create Custom Habits

  • Create custom habits and assign them to 1 or 100s of clients in just a few clicks.

Easy Habit Tracking

  • Clients can easily see what tasks they need to complete every day and can track their daily habits.
  • Timely reminders with push notification will make sure that no habits fall through the cracks.

Accountability & Support

  • Get a real time update of your clients activities right inside your trainer app.
  • Easily see short-term and long-term patterns of your clients progress. This will help you hold your clients accountable and support them in their fitness journey.

Educate Your Clients

  • Add value to your training by creating content that educates your clients about the ins and outs of building healthy habits.
  • Use automation features to automatically deliver the content to your clients at a set schedule.

Increase Engagement with Challenges

  • Run habit based challenges to increase adherence, build community, and make your training more fun.
  • Automation features will make it easy for your clients to register and participate in the challenge.
  • Use the leaderboard to quickly see where everyone stands. Award prizes in the end to spark that friendly competition.

Guess what – Trainerfu isn’t just for habit coaching.

Trainerfu has all the features you need to deliver 360-degree fitness coaching to your clients and grow your business.


Build and deliver on-demand video workouts

  • Easily create workouts for your clients using thousands of video exercises.
  • Clients can review and easily follow the workouts from your branded app.
  • Use copy-paste and template features to save time and take on more clients than ever before.
  • on-demand-video-workout

Create and sell online fitness programs

  • Add revenue streams by selling fitness programs and challenges.
  • Easily bundle workouts, meal plans, recipe guide, resources, and other content along with your programs.
  • Sell your fitness programs online by embedding them on your website, Instagram, Email, Whatsapp and more.
  • on-demand-video-workout

Keep your clients accountable

  • Get notified when your clients complete workouts so that you can support and encourage them.
  • Automatically send accountability reminders when clients miss workouts.
  • Set up personalized congratulations when clients reach major milestones.
  • on-demand-video-workout

Boost engagement with your own in-app community

  • Keep your clients engaged at all times with Facebook-style newsfeed built inside your branded app.
  • Interact with clients as they share posts, ask questions, and more.
  • Post informative articles, links, videos – whatever you want!
  • on-demand-video-workout

Automate and scale your business

  • Save time by scheduling automatic messages to clients.
  • Automate onboarding with welcome messages and paperwork.
  • Drip-feed educational content and updates on a set schedule.
  • Use the admin interface to add trainers, manage access, and adjust advanced settings as your business grows.
  • on-demand-video-workout